Sunday, August 1, 2010

How to win a Lotto Jackpot

A lone bettor from Marikina is now P109,721,419.20 richer after hitting the jackpot prize in the Super Lotto 6/49 draw last Thursday July 29 2010.

The winner, a 27-year-old utility worker, purchased his Lucky Pick lotto ticket – 45 48 14 46 18 16 – at the lotto station of Wilhelmina Pascual in Marikina City.

The choices we make.
Lotto draw for the day, July 20 2010 Tuesday {6/49 and 6/42}
Which lotto draw would you bet 6/49 or 6/42 ?

Lotto Bettor says:
This would depend on the lotto jackpot prizes at stake for the day.

Last July 20 2010 Lotto jackpot Prizes at stake.
6/42 7/20/2010 3,000,000.00
6/49 7/20/2010 82,053,385.20

6/45 7/19/2010 22,572,739.80
6/55 7/19/2010 68,359,888.80

Almost all lotto bettors would choose the 6/49 draw because the jackpot prize is 82 million rather than choosing the 6/42 draw with a jackpot prize of 3 million.

Now a big lesson to be learned for lotto bettors.
A 50-year-old woman from Caloocan City choose and bet the 6/42 draw with the smallest lotto jackpot prize of 3 million and won the guaranteed P3 million prize on July 20 draw.
It was a small jackpot compared to the rest, but still the lone bettor for last week's 6/42 lotto draw is now a millionaire.

The woman bettor bought the winning lottery ticket -- 27 03 37 24 10 07 – at Best Hope Gaming and Amusement outlet at the Victoria Mall in Caloocan City.
The winner and her husband bought a SINGLE ticket with the numbers based on birthdays and anniversaries.

For me this sounds familiar. The numbers coming from important events in there lives and 1, 2 or maybe up to 3 lotto tickets only will do. but they even had 1 ticket only.
Does it sound familiar to you also?

What Do You Do When Your Lotto dream Plans Don’t Happen?

It seems that the winners has probably read my blog because they followed my advice. but some of you would say that you followed my advice too. But your dreams up to now has not happened.

Let me make it clear:

What do you do when God seems not to answer your prayer? you pray again.

What do you do when your lotto dreams drops to pieces? you dream again.

I only had one word for lotto bettors “Don’t wish. ...DECIDE.”
In that one line, I gave my most keep secret.

That’s what separates lotto winners from lotto losers.

Unsuccessful lotto bettors wish, hope, desire for the lotto jackpot.

That’s not enough.

Successful lotto bettors DECIDE to make their dreams happen.

That means they’ll do whatever it takes or how long it will take. Remember the 134 million pesos lotto winner from Batangas ? after 15 years of betting the lotto, finally he made it.

That means nothing will stop them because they have DECIDED to win the lotto jackpot.

Ill say it again.....
LUCK is when preparation meets opportunity

The most important thing in a lotto game is LUCK .... because we don't know when luck will come to us. The secret is betting consistent in a lotto draw. That means we are always ready when opportunity comes.

Anytime luck will come to us, we are always ready for it.
All you have to do is buy 2 or 3 lotto tickets or just like the 6/42 lotto winner from Caloocan who had 1 lotto ticket only.

You don't need to buy thousands worth of tickets.
there's a saying that...
if it is your day, then it will be your day, but we have to be always ready for it.


  1. I just realize now how important betting consistent is.

  2. DECIDE is now a very important word for me. I always wish I will win the lotto jackpot but it was wrong . now I have decided to win the lotto jackpot.

  3. akalain mo yung 3 million pa ang tinamaan nya.sino mag akala na doon pa sya tumaya. swerti talaga.

  4. mananalo ako mamaya sa lotto.6/55 85m at 6/45 45m ang jackpot.kahit saan dito sa dalawa na jackpot handa ako tumangap dahil lahat na plano ko naka handa na.

  5. lord humihingi ako ng tulong sayo, kaya lord bumili na ako ng lotto ticket para sa 6/55 ,6/45 at 4digits, binibigay ko na ito sa mga kamay mo, kung ano man ang gusto mo mangyari. sa ngalan ng ama, ng anak, at espirito santo amen.

  6. meron ako palagi ticket sa lotto tuwing may bola sa 6/42/ 6/45 at 6/55 basta malaki na ang premyo na umaabot ng 20 m kaya nakahanda palagi ako.

  7. I consistently place a bet on the Grand Lotto and I know I will hit the jackpot very soon. God bless me and my plans for the proceeds.

  8. ...Funny. I always hear people pray to GOD that they win a LOTTO jackpot. CHARITY is always included "in return" as proceeds.

    Do not stain God's Divinity with "bribe"...because we seem to bribe God every time we say "kapag nanalo ako...tutulong ako sa mahirap...mapapatayo ako ng simbahan...magkakawang-gawa ako".

    How if we do not win? Tsk tsk tsk.

  9. parang may condition pag nanalo. panalunin mo ako tapos tutulong ako? e papano kung hindi ka manalo ? wala?... para sa akin kahit hindi ka pa nanalo tumulong ka sa abot na makakaya mo. doon yan mag sisimula at darating ang araw na mananalo ka.

  10. 2005 pa ako tumataya sa lotto. nag maintain ako ng isang combination para sa 6/42 lang. until now di pa rin lumalabas.

  11. Opportunity comes only once and I missed it! Last February 11, 2013, I placed my bet on 6/45 but instead of betting on the 6 numbers I regularly bet on, I changed the 3 numbers. and you know the saying " mapaglaro ang tadhana"---I could have won the more than 32M jackpot prize had I not changed the 3 numbers! It still haunts me that sometimes I want to commit suicide!

    1. Isang malaking panghihinayang un ganyan talaga ang tadhana mapaglaro siguro may mas maganda pa na opportunity ang nagaantay sayo

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