Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lotto jackpot prize still unclaimed

Jan3 2010
The biggest jackpot prize in nine-year history of lotto with the winning record of P347-million prize in which 2 winners got the winning numbers has a problem.
The Super Lotto 49 draw which produced two winners, one a working mother from Caloocan City who placed her bet in a lotto outlet in Malibay, Pasay City and claimed one half of the prize, P173,918,452.10 a day after the draw.
However, the other lucky bettor who bought his ticket at Pasig lotto outlet has yet to claim the other half. This coming Feb 2010 the ticket will expire, so the jackpot prize will go to charity. So What happened to this other lotto winner? I have been thinking of so many reasons on why up to now the prize is still unclaimed. 1. the lotto bettor lost the ticket 2. the lotto bettor forgot that he or she bought a lotto ticket for that draw. 3. doesn't know where the ticket was keep 4. the lotto bettor died, so know one knows that he or she has a winning ticket. 5. thought that the lotto ticket did not match the same winning number, so it goes to the trash can. 6. lotto bettor was old or forgetful. But im sure that the printed numbers of the winning ticket has already faded .
Anyway as I said, lady luck has knock on that lotto bettor to deliver the P173,918,452.10 but didn't open the door, so lady luck just walk away from the lotto bettor.

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