Friday, December 10, 2010

Filipino lotto winner tells his sad story

THE P741-million Grand Lotto 6/55 jackpot prize has already been claimed Thursday afternoon by a 60-year-old male Balikbayan.

The Balikbayan from New York had also confirmed that he bought the winning ticket at a lotto outlet in Royal Duty Free Mall in Olongapo City.

The lucky bettor was accompanied by his three relatives.

He also requested the agency to divide the prize into two checks.

The winner arrived in the country on November 8 together with his wife and three children to attend a reunion.

On Tuesday, an 82-year-old woman tried to claim the jackpot prize but she failed to present the winning ticket.

She said she asked her grandchild to buy 5 tickets. Her grandchild turned over 4 tickets, but didn't return the one that won the jackpot.

The old woman reportedly asked PCSO not to give the prize to her grandchild, who has not shown up and may have gone into hiding. Well lets wait for this story on how it will end.

A tricycle driver from Tanay, Rizal and a jeepney driver from Taguig got more than P2-million jackpot each for the 6/45 Mega Lotto draws last Dec. 1 draw and the Dec. 4 draw.

This reminds me of my previous article that's says even one bet will do.
The 32-year-old tricycle driver bought only two tickets worth P20 , one with the lucky pick numbers chosen by the computer and the other his own set of numbers.

We all dream of hitting the big one, or wish that we could fall into instant riches by simply choosing the right winning lotto numbers or allowing them to be randomly generated from a computerized lotto machine onto
a little piece of paper,just like the Olongapo lotto jackpot winner.

But it has often been said that we should be very careful about what we wish for as everything comes with a price.

The actual chances of becoming a lotto winner are astronomical to begin with, but when fate intervenes, miraculous things can happen that will forever change a person’s life, for better or worse.

A Lotto winner who won P82 million in 2004 is now experiencing financial troubles.
Christian Tongol from Pampanga won P82 million in the lottery in 2004, but now he sometimes finds himself short on cash.

After winning big, he was able to buy six houses and three vehicles, embark on several business ventures, give his family property, help out people in need, and fund the construction of a barangay church and basketball court.

However, one misfortune after another befell him. Three family members--his father, father in law and sibling--were hospitalized for long periods of time before they passed away. Tongol himself was also involved in an accident.

Now, only a house in Pampanga, a motorcycle, and a fishpond are all that's left of the Tongols' posessions. Sometimes, their earnings are not enough for their daily needs.

Today he confesses there are times he struggles to keep up with his obligations.


  1. Congratulations to the Balikbayan!

    As you can tell, he really didn't need the money, he was already well off to begin with having returned from New York!

  2. Sa dami ng mga mahihirap na tumaya yung may kaya pa ang nanalo. at yung nanalo hindi pa nakatira dito sa pilipinas. kung may maka sagot lang sa tanong ko kung ilan ang tumaya na hindi nakatira dito, parang hindi ako maka paniwala na yun pa ang mananalo.

  3. may nanalo pero hndi ako naniniwala sa kwento na balikbayan ang nanalo cover up lang yan para sa security ng nanalo.

  4. lotto pick naman ang uso ngayon .....

  5. nasa atin na lang yan kung ano ang gusto natin gawin sa pera. kung gusto natin ubusin di ubusin natin kung gusto natin lumago ang pera di mag negosyo tayo wala na tayo paki alam sa nanalo. ang iba kasi gusto pa makialam pero sa totoo lang gusto lang makakuha ng pera sa nanalo.

  6. Dahil mayaman na yung nanalo wala masyadong nakikialam. pero pag mahirap yung nanalo marami ang nakikialam at marami ang magsasalita.

  7. sana manalo ako sa lotto. malapit na ang pasko.

  8. Good luck for today's draw .....

  9. i'm so jealous...i'm sure now, he got all the best in the world!! be smart..

  10. ganyan talaga ang buhay.kahit gaano ka pa kayaman, mawawala lahat sayo sa isang saglit lang.

  11. goodbye 741 million ...)))

  12. ganyan kaunfair ang mundo,kung sino pa yung hindi naman talaga nangangailangan yun pa yung binibigyan..

  13. i feel so lucky today while i read this.... God is good!!! anyone can win... ofcourse as long as you play the game...

  14. Paano kung biniro ka ng tadhana na kung kailan di mo tinayaan ang 6 numbers na inaalagaan mo saka naman ito lumabas?

  15. Sobrang sakit na parang mababaliw ka. Yan ang naramdaman ko nung di ko natayaan ang numbers ko at lumabas lahat. Sayang ang 32M sanang jackpot. Hanggang ngayon gusto ko iuntog ang ulo ko pag naaalala ko.